About CraftyCollinsCreates

Thanks for visiting CraftyCollinsCreates! CCC was born in 2018, with the start of the name and a few sales here and there, but not officially created until 2019! The name was created to have my last name in it, to honor my Dad who passed away and always said he wanted to start a craft business with me! He's where I get my creative side from. We'd always love to paint together and do creative activities. CCC didn't have that many sales until 2020, the year where everything stopped! 

The owner of CCC is a 30 year old named Jenn, from upstate NY! Hi, that's me!

I've been crafting and creating as long as I can remember, at least half of my life. Everyone would have their certain hobbies and I remember scouring the aisles of Michael's! I really hope this business can become my full-time job at some point, since I really want a job where I can work for myself and be creative at the same time! Thanks for stopping by!